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Hasuki NFT Collection

If you’re lucky, a HASUKI will come into your life, steal your heart and change you and your life forever 🌟

A collection of 210,876 Unique pixel-style art NFTs, each with its own unique name and description, made with nothing but love 💚. Hasukies are living on Ethereum and soon will be on XRP as well. The collection starts with 20,000 minted-already NFTs and will increase gradually until it reaches 210,876. Hasukies will grow and conquer the world day by day, aiming to be the most unique one.  

Info about Release: Hasuki will be released as 2 packages of 20,000 unique NFTs first on ETH and XRP (Starts at 0.1 ETH - first package floor price), and it will increase by at least 0.25-0.75 (the default floor price) for each subsequent package release, if the highest price traded was higher than the default floor price - the price of the next package will be set to the highest sale price of the previous package. EACH OF THESE 210k NFTs HAS ITS OWN UNIQUE NAME AND DESCRIPTION, making them more personalized and distinctive.
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HASUKI isn't just a NFT Collection
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The Hasuki Kingdom is a magical land where 210876 Hasuki dogs live in harmony and peace. Each Hasuki has a unique personality, appearance, and name. They are loyal, friendly, and adventurous. They love to explore the world and learn new things.
But the Hasuki Kingdom is in danger. A dark force is threatening to destroy their home and enslave them. The Hasukis need your help to save their kingdom and their freedom. By buying a Hasuki NFT, you will become their guardian and protector. You will also join their community and share their stories.

Each Hasuki NFT is a digital artwork that represents one of the 210876 Hasukis in the Hasuki Kingdom. They are created using a generative art algorithm that ensures each Hasuki is unique and rare. They have different traits, accessories, and expressions. Some traits are more common than others, while some are very rare and valuable.

The Hasuki NFTs are divided into two parts: 20k on ETH and 20k on XRP. Each part has its own theme and characteristics. The ETH part is called the Hasuki Heroes, and it features the most brave and heroic Hasukis in the kingdom. They are the leaders and warriors of the Hasukis, and they have special abilities and skills. Some of them are inspired by Japanese folklore, such as kitsune (foxes), tanuki (raccoon dogs), tengu (bird-like creatures), or oni (demons). The XRP part is called the Hasuki Dreamers, and it features the most creative and imaginative Hasukis in the kingdom. They are the artists and inventors of the Hasukis, and they have amazing dreams and visions. Some of them are influenced by Japanese culture, such as anime, manga, kawaii (cute), or harajuku (fashion).

Robert Mans

Founder and Artist


Open Imagination

“Help can be little, but it goes longer than you can age; you can save someone who will save you tomorrow.” ― Daniel Oluwaseun

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One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone. SHANNON L. ALDER

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Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. ROBIN SHARMA

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If we always helped one another, no one would need luck. SOPHOCLES

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You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life. ZIG ZIGLAR

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Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON

Backpack Contents

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. JOHN BUNYAN


Our Roadmap and Plans

Releasing more Hasuki NFTs until the total number reaches 200k, making it the largest and most diverse NFT collections in terms of number and geography.

Hasuki Events: Organizing Exclusive events for the Hasuki NFT holders only, such as contests, giveaways, auctions, meetups, games.     

Exclusive Tools for Hasuki Holders:
Provide access to exclusive tools for Hasuki holders only

Giving the Hasuki NFT holders benefits of using their NFTs, such as discounts on merchandise, access to exclusive content, voting rights on future decisions, etc.

HASUKI NFT Revenue-Sharing Program:Share a portion of the revenue from selling NFTs with the holders, the top 20 holders of NFTs, the top 10 holders by the money they’ve spent on NFTs (priority is given to those who have purchased NFTs earlier), and the top 10 promoters on social media.

• Launching a global club server for the project where the owners of Hasukis can chat with each other, share their stories, learn about Japanese culture, and make new friends.

• Developing a game where you can interact with your Hasuki NFTs and use them in action. You can also team up with other Hasuki owners to fight against the dark force that threatens the kingdom.

• Participating in the Hasuki Kingdom DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) by owning 15 Hasukis, where you can have a voice and a vote in the governance of the project. You can propose new features, suggest improvements, or vote on important decisions that affect the Hasuki Kingdom and its community.

• Creating Partnerships with other projects and running charity events

• Donating a portion of the profits to animal welfare organizations that help dogs in need

• Donating a portion of the profits to humanitarian organizations that support children’s education and health.

• Supporting a good cause by owning a Hasuki NFT, since a portion of the profits from the project will be donated to animal welfare and humanitarian organizations. By buying a Hasuki NFT, you are not only getting a beautiful digital artwork, but also contributing to making the world a better place for dogs and children.

• Accessing exclusive events, contents and experiences that are only available to Hasuki NFT holders.

• Using Hasuki strategies to make the NFTs price higher over the time by creating a loyal community, offering exclusive benefits, and pricing the NFTs flexibly.

• Earning rewards by staking your Hasuki NFTs. You can earn passive income in the form of tokens, NFTs, or other benefits by locking up your Hasuki NFTs for a period of time.

• Floor-Price Strategies: Make the floor price of Hasukis higher over time by creating a loyal community, offering exclusive benefits, and pricing the NFTs flexibly.

Minted Hasukies

The number of current unique minted Hasukies:
Current Status: PHASE 1 - Release/Package #1.
It has been uploaded on OpenSea (ETH), and will be uploaded on OnXRP (XRPL) soon.

The Number will increase to 210,876 Hasukies day by day
Current Release Price: 0.1 ETH

Frequently asked Questions

What is the Mint Price?
Hasukies are Mint-Free and it's a Minted Already NFT Collection
How collection will be launched?
Hasuki NFT Collection will be launched as 2 packages/releases on XRP and ETH marketplaces then it will continuously expand in size
What will be the price?
The initial price of Hasuki NFTs will be 0.1 ETH for the first release/package. The price will increase by at least 0.25-0.75 ETH for each subsequent release/package, depending on the highest price traded in the previous release/package
What is the primary blockchain?
Hasuki NFT collection will be launched on Ethereum and XRP in Phase 1 (which is about creating the Hasukies foundations and releasing 210k unique NFTs), and in Phase 2 and next phases, Hasukies will expand its exposure on other marketplaces as well, but the price will be set according to the main strategy
What is the goals and purposes behind the project?

• Hasuki NFT project is not just a NFT collection, but a mission to make the world a better place. The project aims to create the largest and most diverse NFT collection ever made, with 210,876 unique Hasuki dogs, each with its own name, personality, appearance, and description. The project also tells a story of a magical land where the Hasukis live in harmony and peace, but face a dark threat that they need to overcome with the help of their guardians and protectors.

• The project has a vision to expand its exposure on all marketplaces in the next phases, where it will use the profits from the NFT sales to expand team and create Hasukies foundations and organizations that will support animal welfare and humanitarian causes around the world. The project wants to help dogs and children in need, and make a positive impact on society and the environment.

• The project also values its community of Hasuki NFT holders, who can share their stories, access exclusive content and benefits, and participate in the governance and direction of the project. The project organizes events, contests, games, and rewards for its loyal supporters and fans.

• Hasuki NFT project is more than just an NFT collection. It is a story, a community, and a cause. It is an opportunity to connect with these adorable creatures and help them save their world. It is an adventure that awaits you.
What is the meaning of Hasuki?
Hasuki is a Japanese word, meaning Husky in Japanese. Being a Husky means that you’re part of a family that will always last and that you always have one another’s back - that’s why we chose Hasuki. We want to be loyal to humanity and form a meaningful vision for a brighter future for everyone
How to buy a Hasuki NFT?

To buy a Hasuki NFT, you will need:

  1. A wallet that supports ETH or XRP, such as MetaMask or XUMM.
  2. Some ETH or XRP in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees and the price of the NFT.
  3. Go to OpenSea or OnXRP.

Once you have these ready, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the marketplace of your choice and search for “Hasuki” or “Hasuki Kingdom” or use links above. You will see a list of available Hasuki NFTs for sale.
  2. Select the Hasuki NFT that you like and click on it. You will see more details about the Hasuki, such as its unique name, traits, rarity, price, etc.
  3. Click on the “Buy” button and confirm your purchase. You will need to connect your wallet and approve the transaction. The marketplace will transfer the Hasuki NFT to your wallet and deduct the payment from your balance.
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully bought a Hasuki NFT. You can view it in your wallet or on the marketplace. You can also transfer it to another wallet or sell it on another marketplace if you want.

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